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Your questions

In this section I will answer some of your questions in a general fashion. It is hoped that by offering this service, you will see the breadth of experience that Haron Enterprises Canada has under one roof. Here is one that came to us just recently

Question: What is metadata and when should it be applied?

“Metadata” is the information, or data that accompanies a piece of digital content. Examples of metadata include description, subject heading, file format, author/producer, rights holder, airplays, and restrictions on content etc. When these fields of information use standardized vocabularies that we can establish across all divisions and have defined relationships, this constitutes a metadata model or dictionary. Then the content can more easily indexed, catalogued, searched and retrieved.

It is very important that use start to fill out the necessary fields at the very first opportunity that arises. In the broadcaster's case it most likely with be in the studio when there is a videotape recording involved. Certainly in the Post process when you are cataloging the original scenes. There are many start points that will save you the time later on in the production process.