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Your questions


In this section I will answer some of your questions in a general fashion. It is hoped that by offering this service, you will see the breadth of experience that Haron Enterprises Canada has under one roof. Here are three that came to us just recently

Question: Are you interested in resolving conflict between two people or within a small department or are you limiting your practice to large organizations only?

Conflict is a real and unavoidable part of every relations be it between 2 people or within a department or in an organization. We are committed and have expertise to deal with all conflicts at all levels between and amongst any number of people.

Question : Will conflict resolution avoid law suits?

I have demonstrated that good conflict resolution can avoid law suits in the healthcare environment.

Question: Can you teach me how to respond to complaints, how to investigate complaints and put initiatives into place that will result in service recovery?

We can absolutely assist you in learning the skills of good investigation, and mediation so that you achieve positive service recovery.

University Hospital Network Patient Relations

This interview with Sharon Rogers explains her approaches in use at the University Hospital Network, which have made the UHN hospital group one of the innovative leaders in Patient Relations in Canada.