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Project Management

Project management graphic - group meeting around a table.Haron has been responsible for many projects that have budgets ranging from $50,000 through to 17,000,000 dollars. All of the projects had very quick turn around times attached to their mandate.

Haron provides a complete management service consisting of initial scope of work, budgeting, supervision of various activities right through to the final completion of the project.

Reports will be submitted detailing all aspects of the project both financially and what accomplishments have been made over a quarterly period.

Harvey Rogers has supplied the leadership for the following types of projects:

  • Moving of faculties while still broadcasting.
  • Design and build of leasehold improvements.
  • Renovations to existing structures to make them suitable for the broadcasting environment.
  • Controlled furniture selection, budgets and timetable for various executive groups and their work force.
  • Arranging and administrating temporary facilities for staff while the main broadcast faculties are being built.
  • Acted as client liaison on construction projects.
  • Project manager for installation of new broadcast technical plants and systems.

There is no project that is too small to manage or to large to assist in its successful completion.